iFriends.com saw the potential in adult web cam chat and streaming video early on and snapped to it, developing a website where adult oriented people could sign up to chat live any time day or night.

The search function is highly evolved, and you can search under headings like “friends and fun” or “dating” to narrow your range of potential web cam chat partners quickly. It’s disconcerting; however, when you’ve done these searches because what you usually end up with are quite a few adults who have posted profiles outlining their sexual prowess and a desire to please you in erotic and sometimes alarming ways. Interestingly, many of these “members” also have information on setting up “private sessions,” for which you pay a per-minute fee to video chat privately at a pre-arranged time (can anyone say “phone sex”?)

This is a website for sexual adventurers, not those looking for love. Apparently visual aids such as streaming video are more necessary for the libido than the heartstrings.

You may actually fare better to use iFriends’ adult webcam chat section that has nothing to do with personals. Try looking under a topic of interest instead, such as Home Improvements, Travel or Sports, where you’ll find messages from hundreds of people looking to chat and make friends. These people will be vastly safer and who knows, friendship and chat may lead to something more.

The iFriends site is not visually attractive; they’ve invested their money into making sure they can handle the load of all that streaming video and live chat, so you may feel a bit disconcerted when you first see the site, which is rather amateurish looking. It’s obviously a popular site, however, with over two million members and over 100,000 actual “chat hosts” who host live events periodically for viewers, including everything from the aforementioned virtual intimate encounters to professional woodworking demonstrations. iFriends.com is a fascinating virtual webcam community currently in a state of flux. Is it a viable dating service solution? Probably not, unless you want to get lucky while you’re home alone – in which case, it’s perfect.

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