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New Dating Articles from AdamandDrew.com

Writing Successful Personal Ads

Ever wanted to write a personal ad that really hits the spot. AdamandDrew.com speaks with Trish McDermott from Match.com as she reveals the tips to personal ads success...

First Date Disasters

Ever had recurring nightmares of the first date gone wrong? Well we've all been there...With this revealing article AdamandDrew.com learns why things go wrong and strategies for dating disaster prevention.

Initiating the first move

Many of us feel stumped after we say "hi". Adam and Drew examine the foolproof ways to break the ice with your prospective date.

Learn what your date is thinking

Do you know when someone is interested in you? Perhaps someone that you've always liked but never had the courage to speak to has been interested all along. Adam and Drew learn how to read the signs

Communication Sophistication

Don't have an academy award winning script lined up for your first date? Fear not as with this insightful article you can still have a good time without having to win an award

Dealing with rejection

Many people think that it'll never happen to them. Unfortunately around the world there are almost as many break ups as there are new romances. Dealing with it isn't easy so read on to find some solace.




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